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On this page you will find stories of Toiletries List Members' weddings along with some ideas for different things to do for a wedding. Read the stories and you will find that it doesn't take a lot of money to have a beautiful, memorable wedding. All it takes is a lot of love.

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I married an 11.5 year long friend. We met our freshman year in college. Same major, same classes. He asked 3 times in 2 years and I said "no". We still dated and broke up a few years later. Got back together for a friend's wedding. Started dating long distance after that wedding. He asked again and I answered yes. We planned on a wedding 1 year later after my graduation. Engagement lasted an extra year cause of extra classes I needed. We were married the end of June 98 after my May graduation.

Church wedding-- all parents, maid of honor was my sister, Best man was that friend who was married over 2 years ago. Other 3 friends were ushers, no bridesmaids. organist was family friend, giving the gift of her music. Two other family friends were so tickled to be soloists, they gave the gift of their music as well. Reused all sactuary flowers at reception and added 1 more low arrangement. Simple white pew bows with a little ivy.

Reception at Holiday Inn-- business one. They provided food trays during the pictures and waited for us to arrive before serving. We had summer fruits and veggies, buffet with baked ham and baked bird. Soft drinks, tea, and sparkling grape juice for toasting.(I'm allerguic to champagne and we worried about all the guests making a day trip up from Austin and farther south.)All the kids liked joining in the toast and the diabetics and heart patients could too.

I wrapped the wedding bubble dove topped bottles in blue tulle. used a rubber band to hold it and hot glued a mini white rose and white ribbon over the band. Candies: silver Kisses on the table with Doves blue striped milk chocolate promises. our wedding colors. Also had the printed napkins.

For our dads, ushers, and musicians: a hand done mesquite pen with wood burned initials and wood pen boxes ordered from another company. They were all speechless. Our Dads had suspiciously moist eyes. Price was under $30 per gift. Seemed appropriate since each person made their mark on our lives.

Purchased blank wedding programs from a local church supply place and saved $$$$$$$$$$. They had these in stock on shelves. You can also find similar stuff at local copy shops, and craft store memory papers. Created the inside and back cover in WordPerfect, and church let us copy the stuff in with the copier. Let one of your musicians proof it for problems.

One of the representative cousins had a digital camera and graciously took some pictures. He emailed them to me later. These are great for family connected by email2. Pictures take 4 months to get the completed albums. Wore Mom's dress. MOH found THE dress in the third tryon. Mom found hers at a discount formal dress place. the same day.

Other tips:
get a big ring binder with dividers and plastic pockets. Pockets will hold those business cards, receipts, and samples before you choose. Keep all contracts here too. Make a sheet with all vendors, sites, and contact info and give out copies to everyone. My florist, reception site, caterer, and baker were tickled. They could contact photographer for portfolio pictures of their work.

Check back once a month with all vendors. you'll know they are still there and in business. They'll know you are still scheduled for a wedding. You can also ask any questions as they come up.

Always visit the reception area during other receptions. You get ideas for your own about your taste and their decorations and layouts.

For the groom: I gave him a camera stand. Parents gave a camera. I wanted pictures of the 2 of us together on the honeymoon. "Portable Pete" took quite a few pictures for us.

Mom is still getting compliments from our simple wedding and reception.
Mrs. Monica Wallek (Finally)

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Joe the Wonderful and I had worked together for almost 5 years, we had both been married to other people before, during that time. We both ended up divorced, and went out to lunch on occasion. I moved to Texas with same company, he stayed in New Mexico. We kept emailing. Finally, he transferred to Texas, and we met at the airport and have been together ever since. BUT! the wedding!!

I was in Antarctica in Dec 1996 and I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. He said "your hand". I felt like asking "where" but did not, and said "huh??". He typed on the screen (chat mode on unix) "Will you marry me, ding dong?" I waited a moment to make him think, then typed "You betcha big guy". But I told him he would have to actually propose in person, and I wanted candlelight and a ring, and all that stuff I never got with prior marrriage. He agreed, but said I would have to have the ring made, he would never presume to pick jewelry for me. I ended up having a set custom made in amethysts and grandmother's wedding diamonds.

Anyway, after I got back from the ice, we never mentioned marriage again... one day in Walmart parking lot, he referred to it in a backhand way, saying something about taxes and insurance. I asked if he was proposing, he said "sorta", and I said "No way buddy, not in WALMART PARKINGLOT!!!". Well gee.... So a couple months later, after I had the rings made, we went to dinner (a regular Thursday thing at the town an hour away we would go to) and low and behold, he asked me to marry him, with ring and candlelight and *everything*. Sigh.

We got married in the back yard, with my folks and his mom, and friends there. We had home made barbeque and salad and went to New Orleans for a honeymoon. We are still best friends, riding partners, co-homestead builders, and lovers. I am moving up to the homestead after being apart since April, what a Christmas present!!!
Sharon A. Ruck

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We will be celebrating 6 years on Christmas Eve. It all began 16 years ago. We were childhhod sweethearts who dated before we could drive. Our parents use to drove us to each others house. Growing up I lived next to a campground and one day I was riding my bike through there and met, Brad. The cutest kid, 14 years old, with the nicest butt. Amazing what our priorities are!!!!

We dated for 2 years and then took a break, but stayed in touch for the next 8 years....then we started talking on the phone, long distance romance......Then he came home and we decided to go camping together (This was the 90's afterall!!!) He proposed right where I met him. After burning our dinner over the campfire. We were planning a big wedding, but two weeks before Christmas we decided we didn't want to go through Christmas not married.

So we planned, adn planned. We rented a locomotive dinner train and got married on it and had our reception dinner right afterwards. It was wonderful........It was also very cold...(15 below). 60 Friends and family joined us and many had never been on a train before,,,, it was great!!!!!!!!!!!

We are getting remarried again in 2 weeks!!!! This time with our children!!! Kathy in Michigan

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We spent very little on ours too (but more that $800) and got *alot* of compliments. We got married at an historic site - a former plantation with a 200 year old federal style house. We got married outside on the back porch in july '85 surrounded by the garden which was full of roses. Our reception, (and back-up marriage site in case of rain) was in the carriage house which was just up the hill. Renting the place for the whole evening cost us $50.00. The carriage house was all stone, and we could not afford alot of flowers to decorate it so we ordered a single long stemmed rose in a rose-vase - I mean "voz" - for each table. Then I think we had tapered candles on each side of the rose - and it really looked elegant. I was worried it would be too sparse but it really wasn't - and it was 1/zillionth of the cost of centerpieces. I blew over half my budget on food and had it catered by the best caterer in town. There were only 50 people at my wedding but everyone enjoyed themselves (except my mother but, well, nevermind that) and really appreciated the great wine, service and food.

we've been married 13 years now - and certainly don't regret not spending the first five paying off the wedding!!
Kim in Pa

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I've been a bride, and for me it was wonderful but *busy*. I have visions of you tearing your hair out getting these elaborate bridesmaids' gifts made when, frankly, you have more important things to worry about. If you have plenty of help doing the scut-bride-work like addressing envelopes and getting the florist to chill out then go for it. My advice, though, is to anticipate how busy you think you'll be, assume you'll be twice as busy as that, and make decisions accordingly. If you can make all these things and be sane and happy during this eu-stressful time, go for it. But remember that your sanity comes first. Don't wreck your marriage in your quest for the perfect wedding. congratulations. May the deity of your choice (if you choose one) bless you as you and your lover become family.

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My Dh and i have been married for 9 years now...whew how time fly's...our story is a GOOD one be very honest..we NEVER dated. We knew each other as children..our mothers were best friends. My mother passed away when i was very young. And at that time i moved away. So i never saw my friend again...We (my sis and I) always kept in contact with his mother tho. Years later...she came to visit us. And mentioned that Rocky was in panama (he was in the Marines then) and needed a "pen pal" so, i started writing him..and he writing me. We wrote to each other for 3 months. He came to visit on thanksgiving...and then again at christmas. At Christmas he asked me to marry him...i agreed... We decide to get married in SC. But, all of our famlies were so spread out that no one could attend. So we went it alone...we found this little chaple that did weddings. We laugh about it waited in line..for your name to be called. Paid your money and went in...the JP said your vows and you answered..and WALA..your married. Took a whole 15 min. (once your name was called) We still want to have a "real" wedding one day..but, we are just happy to be together. NOW the funny part.. After we were MIL came to us with a paper...seems..that our mothers the jokesters that they were. Made out a contract stated that my mothers youngest daughter (ME) would marry my MIL's oldest son (my DH) ....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?...and yes, it was my mothers signature..i dug out some things that had her writing on it..and yes, it all matched up. We laugh that the "angels" have bound us together!! ohhhhhh i suppose what's meant to be is meant to be!! hugs to all...
Stacy in Houston

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F0r the favors you can make soap with a wedding mold -oval soap has the bride and groom gazing at each other. do it either in soap or chocolate. My wedding was just 6 months ago and it was beautiful. depending on your budget andwhat kind of wedding your looking for -shop around for the time of year (usually nov -jan feb march ) for off season prices

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When we were married, my husband and I were both in the Navy. My Dad wanted me to wear my uniform but I wouldn't and neither would my husband. We wanted a traditional wedding. My parents took care of everything for us since we were stationed in SC and my parents live in Indiana. My aunt did the flowers, my uncle catered, and everything else was also done by friends and family. A special guest at the wedding was my parents' poodle who was dressed in a tux and tophat. He was so cute and so well behaved. :-) For the recessional march, someone had the pianist play "Anchors Away." I still don't know if it was my Dad or my husband who had her play it. My husband just returned from a 6 month deployment and I feel like a newlywed again. :-)

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I have been "married" 3 times to the samr wonderful man!

He first asked me to marry him 3 years ago this New Yea's.... and poor guy, I said no. I was still in University then and wanted to get my degree before I did anything else. Well, we ended up taking a trip to Hungary that summer to visit his parent and my grandmother, and he asked me again -- while we were floating down a little river near my father's hometown.... (my father has been in Canada since 1958 and has not seen his hometown since then... it was a moving experience to walk the streets and paths he walked as a boy..) it was very beautiful. I did not say no this time, and we were married in Hungary in a 750 year old church, in October of '96. It was a very formal and beautiful wedding.

We had to have a civil service (our second "wedding") because it was required by Hungarian law -- they do not recognise church services without civil documentation. That was in November, '96.

Of course when we got back to Canada, my parents insisted we hold a ceremony here -- for their benefit and for our friends and relatives here. So our third "wedding" was really a renewal of our original vows, but with all the ceremony my mother insisted on....

So I have had the pleasure of marrying my man 3 times and I would do it all over again!! (Only, if he asked me now, I'd have to say no all over again... I'm back in University going for another degree... ; )

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I was married five years ago, this past September...

We had the "original no frills wedding". He asked me to marry him in August and we started to plan a wedding...after a month we said "Forget this" and booked our reservations to....LAS VEGAS!!!

Anyone who wanted to come with was invited, and we got married at the "Graceland Chapel."

"Elvis" sang at our wedding (Love me Tender, All Shook Up, and that one song...can't remember the popular from the movie "Ghost" w/Demi & Patrick) It was a great, great time. We got all the pictures we needed, video, AND I got Elvis' red scarf...Aren't I lucky???

After the wedding, we all went to dinner and my DH and I found that his mother had ordered a special wedding cake from the restaurant.

After we all came home, my DH and I planned a reception. Of course, it was in a Forest Preserve campground and on that day it was FREEZING and raining... everyone had to wear winter coats, blankets, somebody even brought a portable heater....but we all had a blast!

I have to say, it was a day that we will never forget! Laura in Tennessee

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I was just married in October and this was my second marriage. It was absolutely no frills. I found a clergywoman from the internet that traveled. We had the ceremony in my grandmothers screened porch that my mom decorated with white mums and candles. I went to MJ Designs and made my bouquet out of silk white roses, lilly of the valley, etc. tied with a white taffeta bow (cost $15.00) I found a full length white beaded evening dress for $60.00 (no veil). The biggest cost was a 14K family medallion that was given to my son (who was included in the ceremony). I printed my own invitations that I got from Paper Direct. I also made up three fold brochures that had the entire ceremony on it (that we wrote ourselves). My stepfather video taped everything. This was a big difference from my first wedding, but it I think it was so much more intimate and memorable.

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We were at our cousin's black tie wedding, oh goodness maybe 7 years ago???? Time flies... they had 'plastic champagne bottles' beautifully labelled, etc... it was full of bubble bath... they had it professionally done... but I'm sure it can be done by you or anyone else... a 'cork stopper' would be needed and gold foil... many of us thought it was champagne, because of how beautifully it was done.
Heidi 12/10/98

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Our wedding cost about $800 TOTAL- catering, flowers and all. We were married in a freinds lovely garden, had another friend (who was a fantastic cook) cater it for us- she only charged for the supplies- the work was her gift to us, some musician friends play the music (classical guitar), and since it was in July- the garden was in Full Bloom- so we didn't need much in the way of flowers-only my bouquet, some corsages and bouteniers for the men! My mom made my dress, and rather than having a bevy of bridesmaids, our families stood up for us. It was a wonderful, personal (and smallish- about 50 guests) wedding, and my cousin (who had a $50,000 blowout of a wedding) said she was jealous because i actually KNEW everyone who was there! Honeymoon suggestions- Go someplace secluded- NOT Disneyland, Acapulco, or that kind of thing. We rented a lake cabin ($500 for a week) that had no one and nothing around it but a big lake, a sailboat the owners let us use, and total privacy. We brought our own food to cook, and it was by far the most wonderful week of my life. A honeymoon is a "getting to know you" time, and the distractions of an amusement park or lots of stuff to see and do are just...well... distractions. Call me old fashioned, but thats my opinion.
Peggy (married 12 years) 12/10/98

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Here is an interesting web site:

Check to see if there is a cake decorating teacher in your area. She might be willing to make your cake cheaper than a bakery. Any artsy friends who could make bouquets with silk flowers?
Gin 12/10/98

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Wedding ideas...i have seen party favors offered by a soaper that are little tiny bars of soap, wrapped in netting and tagged with the bride & groom's info. I thought that was clever. Also, you could do the same thing with votive candles. Personally, i would much rather have something like that to remember the happy couple than some Jordan Almonds! LOLOLOL :0)
Jill 12/10/98

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My daughter just got married. I made her little white muslin bags (2 3/4 inch by 4 inch) with ribbon draw strings. She stamped them (black ink) with "Just Married" on one side and the heart in hand symbol on the other. She stuffed them with Hershey's Kisses. She got the stamps and ink from Martha Stewarts Web site. Martha sells the bags for $1.00 a piece (they only come in natural muslin and we wanted white) and I made over 100 bags for $10.00. This idea was taken from Martha's site.

I was afraid they would look cheap, but they really turn out darling. They were placed leaning against the champaigne glasses at each place setting.
Benne 12/10/98

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We did the invitations ourselves on cardstock with the computer. My brother found the perfect graphic and poem for the front. Randy's niece and her 6 yr old daughter sang the Theme from Ice Castles for us. Randy's brother made all the attendant's flowers and my bouque. The church was already decorated for Christmas so any more flowers would have been overkill. The ring bearer carried a bride and groom rabbit make by a friend who makes stuffed rabbits for children who have to deal with the police department in any way.

My SIL gave me what she said was a German send off (She is from Germany). They secretly decorated the car then drove me to the wedding in it. Thank goodness no shoe polish, just flowers and ribbon all over it with a cake top decoration on the hood. Of course we did have the cans. And the ride to the church was not quiet. They honked and waved at everyone they passed and 23rd streed in OKC is a very busy street:)

The highlight of the wedding was something that probably couldn't be reproduced at will.

I have to tell the story of my first wedding for you to understand. My father was very much against my getting married and 18 and said he wouldn't attend. We held it in my parents' living room. Daddy came home as usuall and went to his bedroom and locked the door. We were all in the kitchen when the preacher arrived. When it was time for the ceremony to start, there under the flowered arch my mom had made was a shotgun. About that time my dad walked in all dressed up and gave me away. My dad died in '91

As I was walking down the aisle last December the audience started laughing. I just figured one of the kids had done something funny. Then I heard someone say "Linda look behind you" There way my younger brother, very sober (as only a policeman can be) carrying a shotgun. Of course I was stunned and said something I shouldn't have. Thank goodness it can't be heard on the tape, but I'll never live it down:) Jerry stood over us through the whole service shotgun in hand and exited holding my granddaughter's hand (flower girl). I still cry when I think of it. Jerry gave my dad back to me on my wedding day.

AnnaLiese did my favors. She makes the most beautiful soaps. I bought some small Christmas tins and lined them with pieces of a lace tablecloth then filled them with the soaps. She also make me a big basket full of little round soaps wrapped in net with a tag giving our names and the date along with little bells. She also made a basket just for Randy and me. It contained two champaigne glasses containing the little round soaps (pink).

We went to a bed and breadfast in Guthrie. They had just opened a cottage with a private hot tub so the soap came in handy. We went to a play in a horse drawn carriage and spent time walking around the town looking at antiques. We also took a trolly around town at night looking at Christmas lights.
Linda aka mad-soaper 12/10/98

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