Cyn's Filled Fabric Roses

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Note: This project is perfect for an assembly-line.. make a party out of it!

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Florist's wire - 20 or 22 gauge (2 wires per rose)
Fabric (1 yd. of 36" wide makes 36 or 49 roses)
Green Floral tape (self-sticking)
Silk leaves as desired (optional)
Filler (rice, potpourri, bird seed, etc..)
OPT: Small charms/bells twisted to rose when bud is attached to stem (wire will be covered with floral tape)
Tools or Re-usable:
Rotary cutter*; Pencil*; pliers*; wire cutters*; funnel*; pitcher or vase*
Green Styrofoam (to stick roses in for presentation)
Coordinating silk flowers (for accents in presentation)
Presentation Basket
* Will need one of each starred item per worker, if using assembly line

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The fabric squares are folded into triangles twice, so that the cut edges are together on one edge of the tringle. One wire is bent around the pencil and twisted into a rope for the stem. Another wire is used to fasten the rose to the stem. The stem is placed inside the triangle, with the cut edge(s) at the bottom. The triangle is hand-gathered and wrapped around the stem and fastened with the remaining wire. Then the wire wrapping and the stem are covered with floral tape. The rose may then be filled. Presentation may be loose in a vase, or standing up, inserted into styrofoam in a basket.

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Do you want a 2.5" rose bud or a 1.75" rose bud? The smaller bud is easier to work with, but requires more to fill the basket. The same amount of tape and wire are required for both sizes.

What kind of filler do you want? If you want scented rice, you'll need a fabric that doesn't show oil spots easily.

What kind of fabric do you want? The "softer", "silkier" or "slumpier" the fabric, the more difficult it is to work with. On the other hand, very stiff fabric does not fold well. Cottons, poly-blends and linens can work very well.

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Wedding: Use fabric matching Bridesmaids'; intermixed with white satin; bird seed filling hastens clean-up and is eco-friendly

Holiday: Use fabric reflecting holiday ( plaids for Christmas, pastels for Easter; pink, red and white for Valentine's Day; etc..)

Baby Shower: Use pinks/blues or violets/greens/yellows or primary colors; look for fabric matching Nursery pattern; scented cotton balls for filling; attach small "charms" to bud base

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Assembly-line Co-ordination

Stage1 Make Filler
Cut Squares (all but Filler-makers cutting squares)
Twist wires into Stems (continues throughout stages)
Stage2 (While filler "sits" and "cures")
(While Stem Twisters continue making stems)
Iron Folds: minimum 2 irons
1st Iron: Iron 1st Fold, pass to next iron
2nd Iron: Iron last fold

Stage3 (While filler "sits" and "cures")
(While Stem Twisters continue making stems)
Assemble Rose, fastening bud with wire to stem; pass to Filler
Fill rose, and pass to Arranger
Arrange rose in desired presentation manner.

Stage4 Eat, "party-down" and admire handiwork!

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Make Filler for Roses (allow for prep time)
Bird Seed: No prep is necessary (VERY good for weddings!)
Rice: Use Instant (more porous)
Scent: Soak rice in essential oils or perfume or cologne

Color: Dye; Watercolor (tube) or Acrylic paint diluted; soak till desired shade is achieved; ALLOW TO DRY

If both scent and color are desired, allow time to experiment with order of preparation. Acrylic paint dries with a "skin", and may prevent the soaking in of the scent.

Potpourri: No Prep, if commercial potpourri is used; otherwise, DRY FIRST.

Simmering PotPourri Beads: No Prep
Scented Wax Beads: No Prep

*Note: Oils in the filler will likely bleed onto the fabric, so keep filler in mind when choosing fabric.

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Make fabric triangles for Roses
Iron fabric flat
Mark the 5" or 6" marks for rows
Cut the rows, and then stack them
Mark the next 5" or 6" marks
Cut the stacks into 5" or 6" squares
Stack the squares

Take a square (flat edge toward body) and fold in half, into triangle (opposite corners meet)

Iron the fold
Repeat until all squares are folded once

Arrange Triangles with flat, cut edges toward body (folded side diagonal)

Fold top point to opposite point again, so that the cut edges are together

Iron the fold
Repeat until all squares are folded and ironed twice

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Make Stem for Roses
Take a wire and fold in half
Place pencil in the fold, and twist wire legs snugly around pencil

Holding the pencil in one hand, gently squeeze the twisted legs of the wire with the other hand or the pliers.

With the hand holding the pencil, turn the pencil continuing the twisting of the legs of the wire.

Continue to twist until all (or most) of the wire is twisted Remove the pencil from the loop at the top of the stem Use pliers to twist remaining wire ends

Repeat until stems have been made for all roses.

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Assemble Roses
Place loop of stem below point of triangle
Fold one side across to other, and hold in place with thumb

Fold remaining side across.. points should cross each other, forming a small "x" at bottom

Gather the cut edges around the stem and hold steady with one hand
Take remaining wire, and lay end of it across the bottom of the rose
Hold wire to rose with the same hand holding the gathers
With other hand, TIGHTLY wrap the wire around the base of the rose
Twist the wire TIGHTLY 2 or 3 times
Cut the ends close to the twist

Wrap floral tape around the base of the rosebud, then continue wrapping in a spiral down the stem, to cover the wire, adding silk leaves as (or if) desired. (wrapping the stem is not necessary, but adds to the look of the rose)

Repeat for all Fabric squares

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Fill Roses

Fill one rose as desired; pour filler into measuring cup to determine optimum amount.

Insert funnel tip into center of rose
Pour measured filler into rose
Shake rose gently to settle filler into base of rosebud
Remove funnel gently, and insert rose into vase or pitcher
Repeat for each rose

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Arrange Roses

Place styrofoam in base of basket, and secure with the tape that florist's use to stabilize styrofoam.

Stick roses in styrofoam, varying colors
Fill any holes in arrangement with other flowers and bows
Decorate basket and set out for display

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Other touches:
Tie roses with ribbon bows

Put Charms/bells/toys on rose (wire to stem with bud, keep free when wrapping with floral tape)

Put tag on ribbon bows (poem; church info; instructions for roses; etc..)

Make Roses into bouttoniers

Credits: Essentials from Editor's column of a craft magazine, as explained from an acquaintance (in other words, "public domain" kind of stuff)

Detailed instruction and suggestions are my own from having made hundreds of them!

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Cynthia Johnson 11/17/98

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