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Peppermint Lip Balm

1 TBS. Vaseline
1 tsp. parrafin wax
4-8 drops peppermint flavor

Melt Vaseline and parrifin wax. Add flavor and pour into lip balm pots

Anon. 3/22/03

Easy Suds

16 oz. coconut oil
4 Tablespoons castor oil
2.8 oz.lye
1 cup of water

Add your lye to the water, {never add water to the lye} your lye will be hot it will reach 200* be careful, mix this in a glass {pyrex} or stanless container, never use aluminum!, let the lye cool to 80 * the water will become clear.

Your oil needs to be at room temperature, now put all of your ingredients together, and blend {I use a hand blender} process untill the mixture is smooth {there can be no oil streaks this is active lye}, pour into molds and let set 2 days, you can place the mold in a freezer for about 2 hours to help release it from it's mold, you need to age this for at least 3 weeks, Have fun with it

Donna of S.W. Missouri 2/12/03

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Powder Puffs

Cut a circle of fake fur (your choice) and backing (satin, velvet, your choice again) 1/2 in larger in circumference that the size you want the finished puff to be. Cut 2 circles of quilt batting 1/4 inch smaller in circumference than the desired finished size.Trim the 1/2 inch seam allowance on the fur all the way down to the base cloth. Baste the batting circles to the wrong side of the fur circle- making sure they are centered. Putting the right sides of the fur and satin pieces together (the batting will be on the outside) Stitch a 1/2 inch seam allowance 3/4 the way around the circle. trim the seam allowance down to 1/4 inch along the stitching. Turn the whole thing right side out- so the batting is on the inside. Use a pencil and run it up inside the hole around the stitched area to flatten it out and make it smooth. Turn the unstitched bit to the inside and stitch closed by hand. Topstitch the whole circumference of the puff about 1/4 inch in from the edge.

You are basically making a very flat little pillow. You can decorate the satin side however you like- stencil an image, embroidery (I like the silk ribbon idea- that would be very special), or stitch down bits of ribbon on the satin before you cut out the circle.

Peggy Dodd 12/02/98

you could also use polar fleece - two layers of the heaviest you could get, or 1 layer and polyester wadding backed by silk/satin and a ribon handle. Lovely.
Laura 12/03/98

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Goatlady's Hot Pad Coil
Cutting long strips of cloth on the bias- about 2 inches wide and 4 to 6 feet long(cut several strips and join them to make the long strip) then stitch it up into a long tube, fill with whatever you are filling it with- fill loosely-, and sew up the ends. Then coil up and couch-stitch the coil together so it stays put.

Grind up old potpourri in the food processor and then fill the tube with it (using a funnel). It smells nice when you put anything hot on it to release the smell. They make great Christmas gifts, and are a good way to use up old potpourri.
Peggy Dodd 11/24/98
A word of caution:

One caution about using the food processor. Many cheap potpourris use wood chips and other VERY tough stuff... I scratched the dickens out of my food processor bowl... A piece of something really hard got caught between the bowl and the blade, and carved a "trench" out of the side before I caught on to what the "burning plastic" smell was!
Cynthia Johnson

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Cyn's Filled Fabric Roses
Click here for instructions 11/17/98

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Drying Flowers
For roses- leave long stems on them, tie the stems together or hang individually in a dark dry closet- by sure to hang them UPSIDE DOWN- this is very important!. Also- dark colored roses tend to retain their color better- peach, pink or white roses take on a sepia tone which is very pretty, but don't expect a dried peach rose to look much different from a dried pink or white one. For drying other flowers-Go to a craft store (like michaels) and find silica gel in a tub. gently bury the flower head down into the tub of gel and leave it there for 4 days, then remove and turn rightside up and bury again for 4 days. if you are doing a large quantity of flowers you might check with the management of the store and see if they will give you a bulk discount on the silica.

Another way of drying them is to use a blend of 1/2 borax (20 Mule Team) and 1/2 cornmeal. Blend them together and fill a large box. Bury the flowers in the mix and leave alone for 2 weeks, then gently remove and brush off any extra dust with an artists brush. This is a much cheaper method of drying than the silica gel- but the silica gives you a more natural color.

For some flowers- like gypsophilia and statice- you can just hang and dry like the roses- no need to do the silica gel thing. Flat flowers like daisies, pansies, and zinnias dry best face down- fuller flowers like cushion mum, roses and button mums need to be turned 1/2 way through the drying process (from face down to face up). Certain types of old fashioned roses- the single or semi double tyepes that are flat when they are open - can be dried like any other flat flower. When looking for large quantities of flowers to dry- if you have a very large city near you (I am near Atlanta so thats where I go) - look for a very large farmers market that sells flowers to restaurants and the like- I can get a bundle of 2 dozen baby roses for about $5 or a dozen longstem red roses for about $10. They also sell the filler flowers like gypsophilia, statice, asparagus fern and the like The flowers generally aren't "perfect" but for drying purposes they would work wonderfully. You dry the ferns or other greenery the same way as the flower, but greenery generally works out much better silica dried because it will retain its color.
Peggy Dodd 10/6/98

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China's Rose
Directions by Jan Flood

First Stage:
Fold washcloth corner to corner, forming a triangle with the point to your left, the fold on the right. Starting at the corner nearest you turn the point down and to the left about an inch or so, then begin rolling the washcloth, making the first few turns pretty tight. This is the center of your rose----now here is where you need to start forming your rose. Instead of just rolling straight - let the roll drift a little to the right so it forms a slight spiral effect, making the turns a little looser. Continue in this manner to the end of the cloth. Temporarily pin the end in place.

Second Stage:
The folded edge is to your right - the tails to the left. Pick up the top corner tail and pull and tug it to the right, up and slightly over the folded edge. Turn it over and pull the second tail up and slightly over the opposite side. You now have a sandwich, the folded rolls in the center with a corner tail on each side.

Third Stage:
Begin pulling, twisting, adjusting the rolls and tails till the shape suits you. I found the secret is tying it very tightly about half way down. Easiest is to put a heavy rubber band on tightly - make any final adjustments, then add your leaves. Tulle, ribbon whatever, then remove the rubber band. Don't forget to remove the pin. The bottom portion allows you to set the rose down into your basket firmly while keeping the rose in view.
Pictures By Jan Flood
China 10/30/98

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Dough Dudes
4 cup flour
1 cup salt
enough water to make workable dough

I bake at 350 until brown for thin 1/8 - 1/4 inch thick temp/time varys a lot by what you are making no cure for this but experiment. Note: oven thermostats are notorious in appliance repair can be way off.
birdwalk 9/29/98

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Scented Stones
1/2 cup plain flour
1/4 cup salt
1/4 teas. alum powder (a spice!)
1 tablespoon essential oil
2/3 cup boiling water
food coloring, if desired

1. In bowl, mix dry ingred. well
2. Add essential oil and boiling water to dry ingred.(scent will be strong but will fade slightly when stones are dry)
3. for colored stones, blend in food coloring, one drop at a time, until desired shad is reached.
4. Blend ingredients to form a ball.
5. Working with a small amount at a time (app. 1/8 teas.) roll dough between palm of hands to form a small ball.
6. Allow "stones" to dry. I used my dehydrator on one batch and found it worked great.
You can place stones in a net bag tied with ribbon. The scent will last up to eight months.
I substitued fragrance oil for essential oil and had great results.

When dry, put in a little terra cotta pot and wrap tulle up from the bottom and tie a bow on top.
OR line the bottom of a clay pot with raffia or excelsior and put the "stones" all over it (to resemble a birds nest.
OR put them in an old bread pan or tart pan and tie a piece of homespun around it & make a bow.
OR use as an air freshener for the bathroom, closet, bedroom, etc.
Renee 9/29/98

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No Sew Herbal Heating Pad
Use a tube sock turned inside out (so the terry cloth part is on the outside), fill it with uncooked rice and herbs of your choice, then tie a knot in the sock toward the end. I have one here that I call my rice sock and I like putting a few drops of peppermint eo on it after heating it up in the microwave. The eo has that cooling effect that penetrates my aches and pains and feels wonderful.
Christie 11/5/98

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Salt Strings
What you need is some cotton string cut long enough so that you can grow crystals on both ends and have enough in the middle to tie it to your package. I always use cotton and do not know if synthetics will work.

You also need a pot and a tall container to grow the crystals in, and something to hang the string from to suspend it in the salt solution. I use pencils. This may take a week or two, so you also need a place to set it where it will be safe from kids and critters.

BTW, as was pointed out earlier, this works as well with sugar for those who want rock candy.

Heat up enough water to almost fill your container. If you are comfortable with it, bring it to a boil. The hotter the water, the more salt it will hold and the quicker your crystals will grow.

Start adding salt to the water, stirring to dissolve. Continue this until no more will dissolve no matter how much you stir.

If you are using a dirty salt, like the rock salt I will be using next, run this solution through a coffee filter to clean out any junk in it. Pour it into the container and suspend the strings into it. You need something at the bottom of the strings to hold them down, because they will want to float. Tie a weight to the ends and cut it off later.

Check form time to time to see how big they are getting. The crystals will continue to grow as long as there is salt in the solution

I have been told that if you color the salt water you will grow colored crystals, but I have not tried this yet. Instead, I dip the finished crystals in colored water to tint them.
Patrick Barrett 10/4/98

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