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Listings on The Toiletries Library Supplier's page is $5.00/year.
When you first sign up the cost is prorated for the number of months remaining in that year and renewals will be due the first of January each year.
Below is a chart of what the cost is according to the month in which you sign up.

Feb.$4.58May $3.33Aug.$2.08Nov.$0.83

There is no charge to update a current listing.

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Base Oils Essential Oils Butters & Waxes
Preservatives Packaging Misc. Supplies
Soap Supplies Cosmetic Supplies Lotion Supplies
Bath Salt Supplies Soap Base Cosmetic Bases
Lotion Base Bath Salt Base Soaps
Lotions Cosmetics Bath Salts
You need only press the submit button once. An email will automatically be sent to thelibrary.
As soon as payment has bee received you will be added to the site.

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