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500 Formulas for Aromatherapy -- Schiller & Schiller
A Guide to Natural Cosmetics -- Connie Krochmal
A Woman's Book of Nature's Beauty Secrets -- Claire Maxwell-Hudson
Aromatherapy, A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils -- Valerie Gennari Cooksley
Aromatherapy for Mind and Body -- Schiller
Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty, Hair and Skin Care by Erich Keller.
Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual, The -- Sylla Sheppard-Haner
Aromatherapy Workbook -- Marcel Lavabre
Art of Soapmaking, The -- Merilyn Mohr Aunt Sally's Tried and True Home Remedies -- didn't write down the author
Back to Basics Natural Beauty Handbook -- Alexandra York
Bath Scents -- Alan Hayes
Beauty From a Country Garden -- Catherine Kanner
Blended Beauty -- Philip B.
Body Shop Book, The -- didn't write down author
Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, The -- Worwood
Complete Book of Herbs, The -- Lesley Bremmes
Complete Book of Natural Cosmetics, The -- Beatrice Traven
Complete Herbal Guide to Natural Health and Beauty, The -- Dian Dincin Buchman
Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, A -- Ruth Winters, ISBN 0-517-88196-9 
Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations -- no author, this is an industry publication that's probably full of chemical formulations and costs $96!
Cosmetics: Science and Technology, 3 volumes, A Wiley Interscience Publication *6
Cosmetics From the Earth -- Roy Genders
Cosmetics From the Kitchen -- Marcia Donnan
Contact Dermatitis -- Dr. Alexander Fisher *11
Country Scents : Make Your Own Soaps, Herbal Products, and Natural Fragrances Alan B. Hayes
Create Your Own Perfumes Using Essential Oils -- Chrissie Wildwood
Creating Your Own Cosmetics Naturally -- Nikolaus J. Smeh, M.S. *5
CTFA's Buyers Guide *10
Down to Earth Beauty -- Catherine Palmer *2
Essential Aromatherapy -- Worwood
Essential Oils Book, The -- Dodt
Essential Oil Safety -- Robert Tisserand
Exquisite Aromatics & Handcrafted Herbal Cream Recipes -- Donna Maria *14
French Vegetarian Cosmetics -- Claire Rosine
Grandmother's Remedies -- Marian Hoffman
Green Witch Herbal, The -- Barbara Griggs
Handbook of Natural Beauty, The -- Virginia Castleton
Harry's Cosmeticology *7
Healing Bath, The -- Riggs
Health & Beauty : The Natural Way -- Nerys Purchon
Herbal Beauty and Health Book, The -- Hilary Boddie
Herbal Body Book, The -- Tourles *4
Herbal Cosmetics -- Camilla Hepper
Herbal Cosmetics -- Jom Long
Herbal Delights -- Lewis Esson
Herbs & Things -- Jeanne Rose
Home Guide to Natural Beauty Care, The -- Julia Busch
Home Herbal -- Penelope Ody
Home Spa - RECipes & Techniques -- Manine Rosa Golden
Home-made and at a Fraction of the Cost -- Polly Pinder
How to Make you Own Herbal Cosmetics -- Liz Sanders
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, The -- Julia Lawless
Inner Peace, Outer Beauty -- Michelle Dominique Leigh
Jeanne Rose's Kitchen Cosmetics -- Jeanne Rose
Liz Earle's Natural Beauty -- Liz Earle
Lotion, Soaps, and Scents -- Anne Gillespie
Making Potpourri, Colognes, and Soaps -- David A. Webb
Mother Nature's Beauty Cupboard -- Donna Lawson
Mother Nature's Guide to Vibrant Beauty and Health -- Cameron
Natural Baby Care -- Colleen Dodt
Natural Beauty & Bath Book, The -- didn't write down author
Natural Beauty -- Aldo Facetti
Natural Beauty -- Sidra Shaukat
Natural Beauty & Bath Book, The -- by Casey Kellar *8 
Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox
Natural Beauty Basics - Making Your Own Cosmetics -- Dorie Byers
Natural Beauty Book, The -- Anita Guyton
Natural Beauty Book, The -- Claire Maxwell-Hudson
Natural Beauty for All Seasons -- Janice Cox
Natural Beauty for All Seasons by Janice Cox
Natural Beauty Kit, The -- Joanna Sheen
Natural Beauty With Herbs -- Alyson Huxley
Natural Body Basics, Making your own cosmetics, -- Dorie Byers *3 
Natural Skin Care -- Cherie De Haas
Natural Soap Book , The -- Susan Miller Cavitch
Nature's Beauty at Home -- Janice Cox
Nature's Beauty Book - RECipes for Faces Over 21 -- Deb Carpenter 
Nature's Beauty Kit -- Deb Carpenter 
New Beauty, The -- M. D. Leigh
Oils, Lotions, and Other Luxuries -- Kelly Reno
Old Ways Rediscovered -- Clarence Meyer 
Organic Make-Up -- Mary Gjerde
Perfumes, Potions and Fanciful Formulas -- Kelly Reno
Perfumes, Splashes & Colognes : Discovering and Crafting Your Personal Fragrances -- by Nancy M. Booth Personal Perfumes -- Gail Duff
Plain & Happy Living -- Emma Byler
Plant Aromatics -- Martin Watt
Practical Cosmetic Science -- Anne Elizabeth Young
Rituals for the Bath -- Corey & Blackman
School of Natural Healing -- Dr. John R. Christopher *9
Skin Care Book, The -- Kathlyn Quatrochi
Skin Deep -- Margaret Dinsdale
So Beautiful -- Mavis Budd
Soap -- Ann Bramson
Soapmaker's Companion , The -- Susan Miller Cavitch
Southern Herb Growing -- Hill and Barclay
Super Formulas -- Elaine White
Super Formulas Arts and Crafts by Elaine White
Teach Yourself Aromatherapy -- Denise Whichello
Totally Natural Beauty -- Nona Aguilar
Transparent Soapmaking -- Catherine Failor
Victorian Book of Lavender and Old Lace, The -- Chartwell
Victorian Book of Potions and Perfumes, The -- Chartwell 
Victorian Book of Lotions and Perfumes -- Deborah Scneebeli-Morrell

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Book Reviews

2. The other book I checked out is "Down to Earth Beauty", Catherine Palmer. The cover says "a lavish guide to natural cosmetics, scents, potpourris, love charms and potions". Again, an old-timey book. I have gotten some good ideas on essential oils out of this one (blending them), info on distilling and infusions. Some neat sounding recipes for cream and lotions (I'll try to post some before I take the book back), making rice powder, floral waters, cologne, and sachets, suntan oils (did you know bergamot encourages tanning?) and anti-mosquito splash. Think I'll hop over to Amazon and see what this book sells for. My copy says $9.95, but it is old. I think it is a neat reference book to use the ideas to incorporate into recipes. My own opinion. But people sure had nice skin and shiny hair 'back then', don't you agree?
3. I just bought a new book Natural Body Basics, Making your own cosmetics, by Dorie Byers. This book is great it covers everything from supplies, and deodorant, to sunscreen. I highly recommend this book. Recipes galore.. The author is a registered nurse who has also completed herbal studies. 

I love this book and refer to it often. In fact I have two copies, one in good shape and one battered and worn.
4. The Herbal Body Book by Stephanie Tourles has a wide range of recipes from facial scrubs, moisturizers, rinses, insect repellents, toothpaste, lip balms, powders and shampoos.
5. Soapers would be interested in, Shampoo and conditioning shampoo, "Vitalizing Aromatherapeutic Shower Soap", shower soap, foam bath and shower gel. The book tells us that many products contain one or more ingredients found to have adverse reactions... So make your own. There is a section on soaps and shampoos, tells how soap "works." It is very complete. Serious toiletry crafters would love this book. ISBN 0-9637755-1-0 $22.95 
6. Volume One contains- creams, lotions, hormone creams, baby toiletries, hand creams and lotions, beauty masks, foundation makeup, powders, rouge, eye makeup and more..... 
Volume Two contains- A lot of hair products, even nail polish...These are very technical in places and some of the ingredients are there for looks and fluff. Most of us are into as natural as we can get. 
Volume Three- Very interesting. (Cosmetics) I do enjoy the historical development. They start out with the "Religious phase; earliest records- Egypt" then "Medical phase; Ancient peoples" then Hellenistic period: Arabian period; and Renaissance and more..... They get very technical about skin and hair with diagrams.
7. This is copyright 1982 seventh addition. The 3 vol series is a second edition, copyright 11496, I like thes vols better because there is a how to with the recipes, "Harry's" leaves it out for the most part.
8. I bought the new book by Casey Keller two days ago and I've hardly put it down since. It's a gorgeous book, great photo layouts and very informative about ingredients. Some of the recipes are to used right away, no shelf life, but sound great, can't wait to try them. There are chapters on Aromatherapy, Perfumes & Colognes, Sensuous Bath, Body Creams & Lotions and Massage & Bath Oils, just to name a few. She also give directions for making e.o.'s using a variation of enfleurage and maceration techniques. Sounds pretty easy the way she explains it.
Loads of info in this book, and the Table of Contents alone will knock your socks off.
9. My favorite book is "School of Natural Healing" by Dr. John R. Christopher. It is not exactly a beginers book although it was my first book. If you are serious about using herbal remedies and making your own it is great, but it takes a lot of study to be able to use the book, it is not easy to just look up a question like "what to do for a cold" I found that I had to read through it like you would a text book before I really got good use out of it. If I could only have one book this would be the one for me.

The only problem with Dr. Christophers book is that every single herb is not in there. For example Arnica is not. Some one told me there is a new edition and it might include more, my copy is from 1979.
Connie Henrie
10. This publication is free but shipping costs $5. This guide contains various chemicals listed by their INCI name, which is the name, used for labeling purposes and suppliers for those materials. It is not an all-inclusive listing for these raw materials. It lists suppliers' names and addresses. It is a valuable resource for all to own. It is available online. See their website for additional information. The URL is
Kevin Young
11. The authority on allergy is Dr. Alexander Fisher. Check out his book " Contact Dermatitis" for all information on sensitizing ingredients that you may use in your soap making process.
Kevin Young
12. A Data and Reference Manual on Essential Oils and Aromatic Plant Extracts
Researched and Published by: Martin Watt, Cert. Phyt., Medical Herbalist,(UK) The safety in working with essential oils cannot be underestimated,and this slim, four volume manual contains essential information for anyoneworking with the essential oils, whether you are a practicingaromatherapist, or a craftsperson using them in your products. Martin hasput together all currently available dermatological research, mostly fromeither medical journals, or from the perfume and toiletries industries,regarding safe uses of botanical/aromatics on the skin. I can not urge youstrongly enough to rely on this book if you are using essential oils in anyproduct that is sold to the public. Price $75.00 plus $6.00 shipping.
Marge Clark 11/12/98
13. The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. 

This two volume set is THE definitive reference manual for anyone using Aromatherapy in any form with other people. Be forewarned, it is not a book you will want to sit and read. But I find myself reaching for it to confirm my answer to every question I answer online or in Email, to confirm that my instinctive choice of oils to blend for a specific condition does, in fact, contain oils recommended for that condition, to help me find other alternatives when the treatment I've been using is less effective than I had hoped, and, most of all, to ensure that I am practicing this healing art safely. 

Part One focuses on the basic principles of aromatherapy, followed by a section on delivery methods, and one on carrier oils and additives. There is an extensive chapter on safety considerations and different types of toxicity.

Part Two contains the monographs on the oils themselves, set up in a chart format. It starts with a list of common names and their corresponding Latin name; the oils are listed alphabetically by Latin name. The chart of Essential Oil monographs is over 330 pages long. The categories for describing each oil include botanical & common name, together with type of plant, countries of origin, Biochemical Class, including specific biochemicals usually found in the oil, Traditional and Esoteric uses of each oil (often taken from the traditional herbal uses) including, when appropriate, veterinary uses, and an overview of conditions the EO has been used for, broken down by body system. Each description is accompanied by all relevant safety data. 

Part Three includes a extensive clinical index based on both traditional and modern uses of EO's which also includes a brief "Mental/Emotional/Psychic & Magikal Index" as well as a Chakra index and an Ayurvedic Index. 

Here we also find the index of biologically active phytochemicals and the EO's they are found in, introduced by an overview of phytochemistry, as well as a taxonomical index, breaking the plants down by families. Part 3 also includes a 10 page glossary, and complete Bibliography. 
Cost is $125.00
Marge Clark 11/12/98
14. Exquisite Aromatics & Handcrafted Herbal Cream Recipes
Contains 20 easy to follow recipes for handmade herbal creams, including Italian Strawflower Cream, Special Edition Sandalwood Cream, Neroli Rose Ultra Rich Cocoa Butter Cream & many more. Also contains a formula so you can create your own creams using the world's rarest aromatics, such as rose essential oil, mimosa wax, beeswax absolute and calendula CO2. Also includes informative section on techniques used to extract aromatic materials from plants.
Donna Maria 3/10/99

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