Do It Yourself Powder
Base ingredients:
  • Cornstarch
  • arrowroot powder
  • a little baking soda
  • a little french green or white clay

Sprinkle The powder of choice or some combination of powders with essential oils and let it stand a few days. Sift thru a flour sifter and put it in a powder container.
Marge Clark

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Powder Recipes

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2 cups Arrowroot powder
6 cups Cornstarch
1/2 cup Aloe Vera powder
6 Tbl Kaolin clay
Lavender EO (just a touch)
Kathy Tarbox 12/18/98

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Bath Powder
Cornstarch; arrowroot powder, some folks add a little baking soda. Some folks add a little french green or white clay...
Sprinkle with essential oils....I strongly recommend Lavender for it's antibacterial properties...
Let stand a few days... SIFT thru your flour sifter... put in a powder container and use with delight....
If making baby powder, use cornstarch alone, adding lavender and german chamomile EO's... sift, use...
Keeps my grandson heat-rash free in the Tennessee summers...
Marge Clark

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Silky Gardenia Bath Powder
1/2 c. Cornstarch
2 T. Arrowroot powder
Powder box or cheese shaker
15 drops gardenia perfume oil, (or 15 drops perfume oil of choice)

Mix the cornstarch and the arrowroot powder in a bowl. Add perfume oil and stir until well mixed. Sift powder through a flour sifter until no lumps remain. Store powder in a powder box or cheese shaker.
Kelly Reno

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Face powder for the Pale
2 parts baby powder (any brand)
1 part cornstarch
1/2 parts white rice powder

Sift all ingredients together and store in a pretty container. Apply to face liberally, and brush off excess. Good for those who are too pale to use store brands. This goes on light and helps control oil.
Madeleine 9/26/98

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Silky Smooth Body Powder

I don't use specific amounts for ingredients, just throw in whatever amount "feels right".

A base of Arrowroot powder - love the feel of this :) This will be the major part of your recipe. I have found cornstarch to clump up too easy with essential oils added or when it gets wet.

I then add a little slippery elm powder ( can substitute marshmallow root powder ). Great for the skin

Comfrey root powder - this is wonderful for the skin, use only a little bit. Softening, antiinflammatory and healing.

Lavendar for the scent and skin healing properties, and one to two drops of tea tree oil (optional)

A little white kaolin cosmetic clay

Erin Williams 11/9/02

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