Miscellaneous Recipes

Youth in a Bottle

8oz. Almond Oil w/ Vitamin C & E.
8 drops PURE Frankinsence Oil.
3 drops Chamomile Oil.

add 2 drops to palm of your hand and gently pat on to your face & neck...I also add an exta drop to pat around my eyes and 'frown line' area.

Just mix and store in a Brown Jar with a dropper...I make this redipe for ALL my Girlfriend's and my Mom wont go a day without it. Enjoy!!!

Lindsey 3/17/04

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Butt Balm

Equal parts petroleum jelly and Johnson & Johnson's Baby Cream. For each 2 oz. of the petrolem jelly and Baby Cream add 1/4 c. cornstarch and 1 small tube of triple antibiotic ointment (usually 1 - 2 oz.) Mix well and place in small decorative pots. Use with every diaper change. It helps keep baby's bottom from getting red. I always give every new mom a container. For us older folks it also keeps heels, knees and elbows from getting dry, rough skin. I also use it as a hand balm during winter months.


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Bath Bonbons

These bath bonbons melt quite easily and are therefore perfect for use in the bathroom. You just put 1 or 2 in the tub and enjoy! I poured these into small bonbon tins I found in the secondhand store. This is the recipe I used (in volume):

25 % beeswax
25 % coconut oil
25 % cacao butter
10 % sunflower seed oil
7,5 % grapeseed oil
7,5 % hazelnut oil
EO (I used summerflowers)

Combine all ingredients in a double boiler until molten, then add EO. Pour in tins and let harden completely.


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Stress Relief Sock

Get an old stretched-out tube sock and filled it with a huge amount of rice, put oh maybe 7-10 drops of lavender EO in it , knotted it, and throw it in the microwave for about three minutes. Then wrap it around your neck. Well let me tell you! The whole thing took me maybe 5 minutes to make and right now it is my #1 possession in life.

Cindi 3/10/99

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Fizzy Bath Kisses
As posted to me by SOAPYDJ@aol.com

Anyway, the recipe I used is sort of like the one in THE HANDMADE SOAP BOOK by Melinda Coss. Page 69, bath fizzies. here it is:

2 oz. cocoa butter
2 oz. baking soda
1 oz citric acid (I'm going to try 2 oz. next time)
3 Tbsp. powdered oatmeal
10 drops food color (I used green)
1/4 tsp. FO (I used Bayberry Spicy) (not overly strong)

Melt cocoa butter. (I use microwave) Add food color and fo or eo, mix then add baking soda, citric acid and pwd. oatmeal. Stir thoroughly then spoon or pour into molds. (I use a 1-quart glass measuring cup, easier to pour) Put into freezer to set. Takes about 10-20 mins. Then remove from molds when set. I tested these in 110*-120* water and they melted wonderfully. I would use 1-2 per bath maybe 3-4 if you like a lot of cocoa butter. The molds I used gave me 16 turtles & 7 fish that weighed .2 ozs.

Soap DJ 3/10/99

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Teresa Bath Kisses
Here it is:
Jen's Bath Kisses

1 oz cocoa butter
2/3 oz shea butter
1/3 oz sweet almond oil
scant 1/4 teas orange essential oil

This makes about 10 (sort of small) ice cube size bath kisses. You can use 1 or 2 in your bath. Put your kiss in hot running water and after it's melted add cold until your bath is the temperature you like. (Fair warning: using 2 makes your tub sort of slick after so I recommend wiping it down to avoid slipping the next time you take a shower!)

You can use small funnels turned upside down to make them in the correct shape.

Teresa 3/10/99

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Foot Deoderant Powder

3 drops lavender
3 drops rosemary
4 drops lemon

Add this blend to half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of cornstarch, mixed it good with a chopstick, and put it in a glass jar. I then placed a *liberal* amount of powder in each shoe and swished it around to cover the whole inside. I let them air this way for several hours and it got rid of the stink! It has a very nice , lemony fragrance, somewhat herbal and medicinal. I like it for just putting on my feet but it worked well in his shoes. Every now and then I'd swish the powder around just to make sure the shoes were bathed in scent.

Cindi 3/10/99

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Soapwort Herbal Shampoo

This is a very fragrant and stimulating for your scalp.It prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth. Take 1 cup of each of the following and boil them and let them reduce themselves in 2 cups H20. Do not use metal pans....I use an old Mr. Coffee pot or a vision clear glass pan.

and for a rich chestnut appearance cloves

Let them steep for at least 2 hours...strain and the liquid left will be very dark brown. Mix these with the shampoo at a 1:1 combination....if you want a darker color add just a little more rosemary and cloves. Pour into bottles and let it set overnight. In the morning you can add a couple drops of your favorite EO to add fragrance....

For the soapwort recipe take 2 handfuls of soapwort to the glass pan and pour over it 1-1 1/2 cups water. Bring this to a boil and lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Cover it and let it steep until cool strain it into a bottle that closes tightly. When you add the nettle, rosemary, spearmint and cloves let it infuse for at least 60 minutes...I prefer to let it infuse over night. every time you use it, it needs to be shaken. This won't give you a head full of suds as commercial ones will but the cleansing is undeniable. Soapwort is nothing more that Wild Sweet William.

You can add fennel to it as well then it would condition as well.For lighter hair substitute the rosemary for chamomile and the cloves for lemon or lemongrass..

Joannine Herriott 2/19/99

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Patti's Pain Killer

This lady at a spice/herb place gave me a list of some herbs to make a tea for my friend that has fibroids and thus has terrible terrible monthly cramps, irritable bowels, nausea, etc. I made a concoction of five herbs from the list provided and made two tea bags for my buddy to try on her next bout...UPDATE: she had a cup of the tea I made for her the other day and I am happy to report, atleast according to her, it worked. She says it didn't make her loopy, dizzy, sleepy or anything and that's a PLUS to me..
The herbs you can choose from are as follows:
Lady's Mantle (herb)
Raspberry Leaf (herb)
Yarrow (herb)
Chaste Tree Berry
Fennel Seed (for the stomach)
Peppermint (for the stomach)
Valerian (for the stomach)

Use(1) part each (choose a total of five including one for the stomach) and steep like a tea. The one I made for my friend Patti included the first four plus valerian (1 tbsp each). Said it didn't taste too bad either but I've just tried the same combo plus peppermint (for taste) and it doesn't taste WONDERFUL even with some sugar. My thought is, however, if it works, deal with the taste. Hope this helps someone else too.

Shannon 2/18/99

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Something Good For My Feet
I took 1 tbsp of my left over lip balm that didn't make its way into nice containers and put it into a microwaveable bowl with 1 tbsp oil (anthing that's good for your skin: I used Sunflower oil as that's all that I had); heat on low/high (your choice) until melted, stir and then place in fridge for a few minutes to solidify. I left mine in the fridge for about 15 minutes then took it out and mixed it again, added some eo's (for scent only this trial run) peppermint, camphor and eucalyptus)and let it sit on the counter for a few minutes. During that time, I got a pot of hot water, as hot as I could tolerate and a towel. While the towel was in the hot water, I plopped myself on the floor and smoothered about 1/2 to 1 tbsp of my concoction onto my feet and then wrapped them with the hot, wet towel until the towel cooled. I repeatedly soaked the towel in the hot water and wrapped my feet for about 15 minutes, then wiped off the "foot balm" and threw on my socks and hit the hay!!

The next day my feet were sooooo silky smooth and after countless showers through out the following week, I am happy to report my feet weren't as dry as they had been (especially my heels) and still smooth.
Hope it works for you!
Shannon 2/18/99

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Monster Spray
12 drops chamomile EO
12 drops lavender EO
8 drops orange EO
16oz water
Mix in spray bottle and have a go at any monsters lurking under the bed or in the closet or at work...

Recipe is from "Seasons of Aromatherapy" by Judith Fitzsimmons.
Stacey Graham 1/22/99

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1 tablespoon of vanilla powder
1 cup of cornstarch.
Mix then add 1 tablespoon of pure honey to the mixture. Work it in to the cornstrach and rub the clumps between your hands until it turns into very tiny particles. Apply to the body with a large brush or feather puff.
Stacey Graham 1/11/99

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Hair Creams

2 Tablespoons Shea Butter
8 teaspoons jojoba oil

To this base add one of the following combinations:
20 drops sandalwood
20 drops bois de rose (rosewood)
20 drops lavender
20 drops cedarwood (Atlas)
15 drops rosemary
15 drops lavender
10 drops myrrh
17 drops ylang-ylang
17 drops lemon
6 drops ginger
You can also experiment with your own combinations.
From "Aromatherapy for Mind & Body", by David & Carol Schiller
Contributed by Linda 12/08/98

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Trina's Herbal Astringent
An herbal tea in a witch hazel base. AVOID any skin products with alcohol in them!

8 oz. distilled water
16 oz. witch hazel (an infusion of witch hazel leaves & bark in distilled water)

Warm these liquids (do not boil) and add these herbs:
1 tablespoon of each of the following:
Nettle, Chamomile, Elderberries, Marsh mallow, Calendula flowers.
1 teaspoon each of the following:
Coltsfoot, Comfrey leaves, Fennel, Eucalyptus leaves, peppermint leaves,
Lavender buds.

Make a tea of these ingredients in the distilled water & witch hazel. Allow to set for 2-3 hours, strain thoroughly, then add the peels of 2 fresh lemons. Allow these to steep for 2-3 hours and remove. Add 1 ounce pure aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of glycerin (optional).

Like most all-natural cosmetics, this astringent won't last until the next Ice Age . You want to keep it refrigerated, and don't make up more than you'll need for about 7-10 days. Bill & Trina Wallace 8/21/98

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Stick Deoderant

8 oz. beeswax
2 oz. distilled water
2 oz. alcohol (everclear, vodka, or rubbing alcohol)
3 oz. unscented talc
2 oz. cornstarch
1 oz. baking soda
1 oz. liquid chlorophyll
fragrance (as desired)

Prepare molds. Melt wax in double boiler. As the wax cools, add other ingredients, adding chlorophyll and fragrance last. Blend well and pour into molds. If mixture becomes too thick, remelt. Every time you heat the mixture you will loose alcohol and scent, so you may need to add more.

Pour into molds - he recommends recycling toilet paper rolls which are covered or decorated to disguise their original use. Keep deodorant sticks in a sealed plastic container (baggie, etc.) to prevent drying out. To use: push up from bottom of tube and rub on underarm area.
From Making Potpourri, Colognes, and Soaps by David Webb.
Contributed by Barbara S. Cooke

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Natural Deoderants
Your sweat is odorless. It is the entrenched bacteria feeding on it that make smells. You can never completely rid yourself of these bacteria, although they may temporarily be gone after zapping. The strategy is to control their numbers. Here are several deodorants to try. Find one that works best for you:

Vitamin C water. Mix 1/4 tsp. to a pint of water and dab it on. Then dab on cornstarch.

Citric Acid water. Mix 1/4 tsp. to a pint of water and dab it on. Then dab on cornstarch.

Only a few drops of these acids under each armpit are necessary. If these acids burn the skin, dilute them more. Never apply anything to skin that has just been shaved!

Corn starch. Many people need only this. Dab it on.

Lemon juice. This acid is not as strong, use what you need.

Pure alcohol (never rubbing alcohol). The food grade alcohols are grain alcohol and vodka. Dab a bit under each arm and/or on your shirt or blouse, then dab on cornstarch. If the alcohol burns, dilute it with water. Be very careful not to leave the bottle where a child could find it.

Pure zinc oxide. You may ask your pharmacist to order this for you. She or he may wish to make it up for you too, but do not let them add anything else to it. It should be about 1 part zinc oxide powder to 3 parts water. It does not dissolve. Just shake it up to use it. After you get it home, you can add cornstarch to it to give it a creamy texture. Heat 3 tsp. cornstarch in 1 cup of water, to boiling, until dissolved and clear. Cool and add some to the zinc oxide mixture (about equal parts). Store unused starch mixture in the refrigerator. Only make up enough for a month.

Alcohol and zinc oxide. This is the most powerful deodorant. Apply alcohol first, then the zinc oxide, then dab on cornstarch.

Remember that you need to sweat! Sweating excretes toxic substances, especially from the upper body. Don't use deodorant on weekends. Go to the sink and wipe clean the armpits like our grandparents did. Often, just plain cornstarch is enough! These homemade deodorants are not as powerful as the commercial varieties-this is to your advantage.

Elaya Tsosie

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Cuticle Softener
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

Combine and massage into nails and cuticles.
From "Home Spa" by Manine Rosa Golden

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Glitter Gel
3 tbl. flax seed
1 cup water
Mica pigment or non-toxic glitter
Fragrance oil or Essential oil of choice

Mix seed and water and bring to a boil, remove strain allow to cool, add the glitter and scent. Strain it fast because it gels real fast. You can get flax seed in your local health food store.
Lisa B. 5/19/98

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Fairy Dust Glitter Gel
This fun, whimsical gel is great for your skin. Apply a little anytime you want to sparkle and shine. * Kids love this trendy gel.

1/4 cup aloe vera gel
1 teaspoon glycerin
1/4 teaspoon fine polyester glitter (any color)
5 drops fragrance oil (your choice)
1 drops food coloring (your choice)

Mix aloe and glycerin in a small bowl. Stir in glitter, fragrance and color.
It is ready to use immediately. * You can buy fine polyester glitter at most craft stores.
Contributed by Elaya Tsosie

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Hand and Body Gel
3/4 cup water
1 tsp gelatin
1 tbls lemon juice
1 tbls witch hazel
1 tbls cider vinegar
1 tbls glycerin

Dissolve gelatin in 1/4 cup of the water. Heat in the microwave 30-40 seconds on high. Stir in rest of the ingredients. Chill till set up.

Reactions: I kind of like it. Next time I will leave out the cider vinegar or substitute regular vinegar. I HATE the smell of cider vinegar. It's a little sticky (from the glycerin?) at first, but that goes away within a minute or two. I will probably add eo in the future. My skin has never felt so soft.:) The original recipe called for agar (1/4 to 1/2 tsp), but I didn't have any and thought I would try gelatin.
It was inspired by a recipe in "Skin Deep" by Margaret Dinsdale.
Raina Dobson

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Dandruff Treatment
10 aspirin tablets
3/4 cup warm water

Dissolve the aspirin in water. After shampooing, massage into scalp, leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse.

From "How to Make Your Own Groceries"
Christine 6/20/98

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Scalp Ease
Fill a 2 litre container with fresh mint leaves, cover the leaves with hot water, cover and leave to cool. When cool strain the liquid into a bottle and use neat or diluted as a final rinse after hair washing. This will stop any itching of the scalp, it smells nice as well. Store unused liquid out of direct sunlight and it should keep for about two weeks.
Robert 9/26/98

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Hair Spray 1
Firm Hold
beer, or sugar water
You will have to experiment with the amount you like. For the page-boy do's in the late 40's, the ladies would use straight beer (if they're dads or husbands drank it), but it leaves the hair very stiff, so add a little water. Don't make a lot up or it will smell in a couple of days.

If you won't have alcohol in the house, try sugar water...my kids got the most amazing punk do's using sugar water in a spray bottle. If works as well as sculpting gel.
Christin (Dmstc Goddess)

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Hair Spray 2
1 lemon
2 C water
Chop up the lemon, add to the water in a double boiler, simmer until reduced by half. Strain through cheesecloth. Add 1/2 C of water to thin if necessary. Should be made fresh every few days and kept in the fridge. The lemon hair spray can be preserved with bay rum and an orange can be substituted for the lemon.
Jeanne Rose
Contributed by Sherri-Lee

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Hair Conditioner
1 egg (2 if you have *really* long hair)
3 tbls wheatgerm oil
2 tbls honey
Mix *really* well. Don't leave out the egg, or this mix will be very hard to wash out of your hair. Apply to hair, wrap it up in a towel for 30min to 2 hours, wash out as normal. Leaves hair nicely soft.
Suzanne McCarty

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Hair Sculpting Gel
3 Tablespoons of flaxseed
1 Cup of Water
Mix flaxseed & water together, bing to a boil over med. heat. Remove Lit stand for 15 minutes. Strain out seeds and allow the jelly like liquid to cool completely. Pour gel into clean container and cap it. Should continue to thicken if left uncovered.
Patty Harrison

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Leg Wax
2 C sugar
1/4 C lemon juice
1/4 C water

Mix together, boil for about 10-15 minutes until 250ยบ or at softball stage. Pour into jars.

This stuff is similar to the "Moom Wax" sold in health food stores. It's used the same way as wax, but unlike wax can be washed off (big bonus when you get it on your hands or on a place where you don't want hair removed!!) This batch made up about 3 jars. I just nuke it for about 10-20 seconds to soften it up to the right consistency. A note of caution: be VERY careful with this stuff, if you over heat it by only a couple of seconds it can be deadly!! I've got the blister on my hand to prove it!! (thank Mother Nature for lavender eo!!!)

For those of you experienced with waxing (or getting waxed at a salon) just remember to powder the area to be waxed first, spread it on with direction of hair growth and pull the fabric off against direction of hair growth. It's a bit tricky getting it hot enough to be the right consistency to use without being too hot. Maybe the recipe could be a little thinner, I don't know. I do know I tried thinning a jar of Moom I had with lemon juice and it no longer worked.

Those of you who've never experienced waxing before I highly suggest you either go get a wax at a salon to see how it's done before trying this at home or at the very least read the instructions out of a package of waxing kit at the store.
Sherri-Lee Gagnon

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Sugar Leg Wax
2 C sugar
1/4 C lemon juice
1/4 C water
1/4 C vegetable glycerine

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan. Stir frequently while heating to 250 degrees F or softball stage. Pour into jars and let cool. Yield ~300ml.

To remove hair: lightly powder area to be treated. While pulling skin taut, spread a thin layer of wax on with direction of hair growth. Apply waxing cloth strip over wax and rub well to get wax to adhere to cloth. While still keeping skin taut, pull fabric strip off against direction of hair growth. Gently wash any powder or wax residue off and apply gentle cream, lotion or oil.

Tips: a non-serrated butter knife or butter serving knife work well to apply wax. The proper implement can most likely be purchased at a beauty supply store. Fabric strips can be purchased, but if you want to make your own use linen cut with pinking shears into approximately 3" x 8" strips. To clean fabric after use simply soak in hot water to dissolve sugar, then wash. Sugar wax can be reheated for use in the microwave, only do 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between until consistency is thin enough to use.

Caution: This is basically a thick syrup and sugar is something that heats up very fast and takes awhile to cool down. Always test temperature of wax on your hand first to make sure it's not too hot. If used carelessly, you could burn yourself very badly. If you're unsure how waxing works, either purchase a waxing kit and read all the directions or go to a salon and get a wax done first to see how it's done. Sugar wax can be used just like regular wax, on any unwanted body hair. Do not use it on eyebrows or anywhere around the eye.

Sherri-Lee Gagnon 11/19/98

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Emulsifying Wax
1 part white beeswax
1 part anhydrous lanolin
Melt together.
To make a cream using this, Mix 3 parts distilled water, 1 part glycerine, and 4 parts sunflower oil. Heat this to the same temperature as the emulsifying wax. Beat the oil/water mixture into 2 parts emulsifying wax until cold.
Contributed by Cat 11/5/98

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Soapless Sanitizing Hand Wash
If your hands are really DIRTY, then you will have to wash them first of course. But if they just need freshening up a bit, then this is a good alternative.
1 cup aloe vera gel
1 tsps of rubbing alcohol
2 tsp. of glycerine (vegetable glycerine)
tea tree essential oils 8-10 drops

If the constancy needs to be thicker you can add more aloe vera gel. Don't be scared by the rubbing alcohol, it is a powerful germ killer, and the tea tree oil is also very antiseptic, plus impart a clean odor to it.

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Soapless Aloe-Based Hand Sanitizer
Original AmountIngredientMy Amount
1 cupAloe Vera gel1 cup
1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol 9 teaspoons
2 teaspoonsvegetable glycerine2 teaspoons
8-10 dropsTea Tree Oil20 drops

I radically increased the amount of rubbing alcohol from the original. After every 2-teaspoon addition had been thoroughly blended into the mix, I brought it back to my husband and asked him to try it again. We did this for two reasons. First, I wanted him to repeatedly use the wash to see how it affected his hands in comparison to the Purell. Second, I wanted to see when he stopped making faces because it was "something gooey". :)

We passed the "I've got something gooey on my hands" stage right around 6 teaspoons. It was at this point that he decided he still wanted a little more alcohol in it because he felt it could dry just a tad faster. I agreed with him. So we upped the amount to 9 teaspoons and reached a compromise on the drying time. He was happy at this point because it said he no longer felt the slight film that usually sticks around on his hands when he uses aloe on his skin.

We also upped the amount of tea tree oil. Now, my dropper is not the standard medical dropper. Mine came attached to the container. I don't know if my drops were the same size as the original recipe called for; however, the original amount was quickly overshadowed by the amount of alcohol that was added. So we upped the tea tree oil about 5 drops at a time, waiting about 15 minutes between additions to see if the scent changed significantly. 20 drops seemed like a good number to stop at. It didn't overpower us, it didn't hide or disappear, but you could definitely smell it. This stuff will not be mistaken for anything other than what it should be used for, I'm pretty sure.

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Moist Towelettes
20 to 24 Squares of white Bounty-brand paper towels
1 cup Witch Hazel
1 teaspoon Glycerine

Separate and stack each of the paper towel squares from the roll; cut each square in half. Place the rectangles in front of you vertically, fold each rectangle into thirds as if you were folding a business letter. Now fold each in half as if you were closing a book. Combine Witch Hazel and Glycerine, mix well and pour over towelettes. Let stand for a few minutes to absorb all of the liquid. Stack in a lidded plastic container or zip-lock type bag.

The recipe also said these were great windshield wipes in cold weather because they'd melt ice.
From "How to Make Your Own Groceries"
Christine 6/20/98

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Do it Yourself "Petroleum" Jelly 2 oz. beeswax or wax of your choice.
1 cup of the oil of your choice.
Melt the beeswax in a double boiler or in microwave.
Stir in the oil
Remove the mixture from the heat and stir until it is cool.
Skin Softening Wash Bags
Another well researched recipe with detailed directions.
Click here for the Recipe
Gaylin 11/11/98

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