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Skin Loving Cream

In this cream I combined hazelnut oil - which is supposed to be great for older skin - with coconut oil and jasmine oil. The jasmine oil I used isn't the expensive kind, but the kind sold in eastern stores as a hair and skin oil. Smells very nice so I didn't add any other fragrance.

1/8 teaspoon borax
60 ml aloe vera juice
50 ml jasmine oil
50 ml hazelnut oil
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tablespoon beeswax

Dissolve borax in warmed aloe vera juice. Melt the beeswax with the oils in a double boiler, bring this mixture almost to boil. Remove from heat and slowly add the borax-juice mixture. Allow to cool completely while whisking. I also added a bit of sodiumbenzoate as a preservative.


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Creamy Hand Creme--Large Batches
We recently had to make Cathy Loper's Creamy Hand Cream recipe, above, for 40 3-1/2 oz servings. Below is the recipe multiplied by 8, plus some tips & modifications I learned when making these large batches.

2 c. mineral oil **
2 c. stearine flakes

Put these in a heatproof mixing bowl and heat in a pan with water brought to a boil, then lower flame to a simmer. When the liquid is
completely clear (just takes a few minutes), remove from water bath. In the meantime, mix:

8 c. distilled water
4 tsp. baking soda
16 T glycerine (8 oz)

and heat this mixture in a LARGE double boiler (our microwave took forever with this large amount!) - don't bring to a boil but do get it piping hot. It seemed the hotter the two mixtures, the easier the lotion turned out.

Slowly pour the water mixture into the oil mixture, while you whisk. Once the ingredients have combined and seem creamy and lotiony, (just a minute or two), use a regular blender or mixer to mix it until it turns into a meringue-like consistency. Do not use a stick blender on this quantity--your hands will fall off! It will take 45 minutes at least. Don't stop mixing too early or the cream will separate later into water and solids. When thoroughly mixed, set bowl aside, cover and allow to cool. I prefer not to refrigerate, as the temperature extremes tend to make your results vary. If desired, when cool stir in a little color & scent. Spoon into jars which have been heat sterilized. This wonderful cream leaves your skin feeling velvety, moisturized, but NOT greasy. (Warning: If you notice a 'watery' texture after rubbing into your skin, you probably didn't blend it long enough - but you can reheat the whole mixture in a water bath and mix again!).


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Creamy Hand Cream
1/4 c. mineral oil **
1/4 c. stearine flakes (used in candle making, I get mine at Michael's)
Put these in a heatproof glass mixing bowl and heat in a pan with water
brought to a boil, then lower flame to a simmer. When the liquid is
completely clear, remove from water bath. Then mix:
1 c. distilled water
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 T glycerine

In a measuring cup with a fork or a whisk. Heat this mixture in the microwave for a minute to a minute and a half - don't bring to a boil.

Slowly pour the water mixture into the oil mixture, whisking merrily. Have your trusty stick blender OR regular 'mixer' at the ready. After the solution foams up and doubles in volume, mix it with one of the above on HIGH for about two minutes. (I have found this is critical - don't stop mixing too early or the cream will separate later into water and solids). You will thrill at the sight of your cream turning into a wonderful, shiny fluffy cloud - the consistency of 'marshmallow creme'. When thoroughly mixed, set bowl aside, cover and allow to cool. I prefer not to refrigerate as the temperature extremes tend to make your results vary. If desired, when cool stir in a little FO or EO. My most favorite are 'honey almond' FO (smells just like Jergens!) or 'Orange Blossom' FO (Sweetcakes) or Lavender EO. Spoon into jars which have been heat sterilized. This wonderful cream leaves your skin feeling velvety, moisturized, but NOT greasy. (Warning: If you notice a 'watery' texture after rubbing into your skin, you probably didn't blend it long enough - but you can reheat the whole mixture in a water bath and mix again! This has worked for me). Yield: 12 oz.
From 'Natural Beauty at Home' by Janice Cox
Cathy Loper 11/17/98

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Whipped Creme
This is a very light cream good for all body areas.....its especially nice scented cucumber and tinted very pale green.

14 oz. Distilled Water
4 oz. Oil ( your choice ) I used Almond
1.5 oz. Emulsifying Wax
1.2 oz. Stearic Acid
.8 oz Emulsifying Wax
.2 oz Germaben II
.1 oz. Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil
2 Drops Color

All items used to make cream should be sterilized

Combine over double boiler water and Citric Acid heat till it's totally melted, then add all ingredients except fragrance, color, and Germaben II. When the mixture turns creamy color our into a blender and whip off and on till it cools ( this can take quite a while ). I usually whip it for 5 minutes let it cool 10 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and whip some more.

You don't want it to get so cool that you cant pour it, this will thicken in jars as it cools more.

Makes approximately 20 ounces of cream. I hope you enjoy this as much as my family and I do.
China 3/22/99

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Creme' de La' Creme!
This is not your typical procedure, but hey, it worked great! :)
Group 1 Ingredients:
3/4 cup Fractionated Coconut oil. You can choose any other liquid oil of choice (grapeseed, apricot, almond, etc..)
1/3 cup Coconut oil
1 tsp Cocoa Butter
1/2 oz Beeswax
Group 2 Ingredients:
1/3 cup Aloe Vera Gel
1/3 cup Witch Hazel
1/3 cup Distilled Water
Melt group 1 ingredients over low heat in a double boiler. Heat the ingredients just enough to melt them.
Pour mixture into a glass measuring cup and let cool to room temperature.
Oils should become thick, creamy, semisolid, and cream-colored.
Place Group 2 ingredients (also room temperature) into a blender. Turn blender on highest speed. In a slow, thin drizzle, pour group 1 oil mixture into the blender.
When most of the oil mixture has been added to the water mixture, listen to the blender, when the blender "coughs" and the cream looks thick, turn the blender off, do not overbeat! If there is still a little liquid left, handbeat it in. It will continue to thicken a bit as it sets up.
End of recipe
I chose not to use a preservative in this as I was just messing around. But If I were to, I would place either vit E, or GSE into the oil mixture when melting. Also, add your own (eo's-fo's) to the finished creme.
Kathy, The Petal Pusher

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Creme' de La' Creme! variation
Almond milk for the water.
Almond oil for the fractionated coconut oil.
Add a good sized chunk of shea butter in place of the cocoa butter.
Scent it with almond fo.
I like this lotion, although it takes a while for the oiliness to go away after I rubbed it into my hands. I am thinking it would be great after a shower.
Susan Hancock

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Lorena's Adventure Cream
My first adventure into cream making.
1 oz. Lanette Wax
60 ml.of oil(s) of your choice (I used 20 ml. of olive oil infused with calendula; 20 ml. jojoba; 20 ml. almond)
50 ml. rosewater
300 ml. distilled water
5 ml. Vit. E
3 ml. grapefruit seed extract
5 drops myrrh eo
5 drops lavender eo (or whatever eo you prefer)
5 drops benzoin resinoid

Melt the wax and all the oils except the vit. E on the top of a double boiler. In a separate pot, heat the rosewater and distilled water until just before they boil. When wax and oils completely melted, slowly add the waters to the fats, stirring the whole time. Remove from heat and keep stirring until completely cool. Add the remainder of the ingredients and enjoy.
Lorena Beccari 9/2/98

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Cuticle Creams
This recipe yields approximately 3 ounces of cream.
1 oz. coconut oil.5 oz. water
.4 oz. hazelnut oil.2 oz. vegetable glycerin
.3 oz. jojoba oil1/2 tsp. borax
.4 oz stearic acid 
.2 oz. beeswax
8 g. emulsifying wax 
.3 oz. shea butter 
4 g. squalene
6 g. cocoa butter 

OPTIONAL AROMATICS (all good for healthy skin & nail bed; use no more than 30 drops for the entire recipe) lemon peel essential oil frankincense CO2 myrrh CO2

Combine the two phases together until cream forms. Pour into jars. Allow to cool. Enjoy!!
Donna Maria Aromatics 9/3/98

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Herbal Creams
The first step in making most herbal creams is to make an herbal oil. The following recipe is for dried herbs. See my note at the end of the oil recipe if you wish to use fresh calendula.
Calendula Oil
Part used: flower
2-3 oz dried herb
1 cup olive oil
(The basic here is enough oil to barely cover your quantity of herbs--fresh or dry)
Put the dried herb into a pyrex, ceramic or stainless steel double boiler (do not use reactive metals such as iron or aluminum) and cover with olive oil. Very gently, heat the oil and herbs for 1 to 2 hours, keeping temperature well below boiling, about 100--150 degrees. Stir often. Heat until herbs feel "crispy" and done (a somewhat intuitive measure, I admit--just use the clock if this is not your style). Strain the oil through a clean cloth into an appropriate container. I prefer using oils to creams and at this point funnel the oil into a bottle with a pour spout for easy use. Always label your products with a complete list of ingredients and date.

Note on using fresh herbs: Fresh herbs contain water which can shorten the shelf life of your oil (usually 1-3 years) to a few weeks. If your fresh herb oil will not be used up quickly, the water can be removed by allowing the oil to stand for two weeks without agitation. The oil will then have separated from the water and can be siphoned or poured off into a new, clean container for storage--preferably in a cool, dark place.
Henriette Kress

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Basic Cream Recipe
2 oz solid fat -such as Crisco (really), coconut oil, cocoa butter or lanolin
5 oz oil -use your calendula oil for diaper rash, etc., try chamomile for face or body cream, plain almond, olive, or any other non-drying oil is fine
2 oz distilled water -try rose or orange flower water from a middle eastern grocery store, or plain distilled water is fine
1 tsp (approximately) beeswax -shave or grate before use
3-5 drops essential oil, if desired for fragrance or effect
Gently melt solid fat, wax and oil over double boiler or carefully in microwave; use low heat and stir until blended. Remove from heat.
Put water into blender or mixer bowl and agitate. While water is spinning, slowly pour the oil, fat, wax mixture into the water. Continue mixing until emulsified. You may notice a distinct change of sound as the cream congeals. Remove cream, while still warm, into clean containers and leave open until completely cool. Label each jar with contents and date, be sure to note date your herbal oil was made if it is much older than your cream.
Store in a cool, dark place; should stay fresh for a year or so. Sniff before using and look for mold after 6 months. If the oil and water separate, just stir before using.
Patricia Harper
Just some additions to Patricia's recipe.... * Note that while dried calendula flowers CAN be used, most infused oils REQUIRE fresh plant.
Calendula, and one or two others are exceptions.... Also maceration of leaves/stems when used is important to expose the cellular contents to the fatty solvent..... * Note that a much better infusion will result from a "double pass" re-use the infused oil to extract a second identical amount of the herb. * Note that you can use an aqueous infusion of the herb instead of flower water/distilled water etc. for an ointment. This has the added advantage of guaranteeing non fat soluble elements of importance will also be contained in your ointment.
Jonathan Treasure
If you add 500 IU of vitamin E per cup of oil to the oil after the heating process, your oil will last longer without going rancid.
If you don't heat the oil, but let the herb soak for a while, add the vitamin E before adding the herb.
Howie Brounstein

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Ultra-Rich Skin Cream
2 1/2 oz (weight) beeswax
2/3 cup baby oil
1 tsp borax (sodium borate, C.P.)

4 oz (weight) anhydrous lanolin
3/4 cup water
Fragrant essential oil (optional)

Chemically pure borax, which is required for cosmetics, is sold by drug stores. In a microwave or double boiler melt the oil, lanolin and beeswax to 160 degrees F. Heat the borax and water in a separate container to 160 degrees F. Be sure the borax is dissolved and the wax is melted. Add the water mixture to the oil mixture while stirring briskly. When white cream forms, stir slowly until the mixture cools to 100 degrees F. Pour it into small wide-mouth jars.
Contributed by John J Moore

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Connie's Herbal Skin Care Cream
The Herbs that I use are Comfrey, Plantain, Chickweed, Mullein, Mallow, Cranesbill. I add the essential oils of Lavender & Tea Tree. I infuse them in Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and use Lanolin and Beeswax to set up. I beat it up in a Cuisinart when it is just about set and add rosewater and Rose Essential Oil ( I only add The Rose EO if I am making it for myself as it is sooo expensive, it does work without it). This still is heavy like a night cream. My teenage girls use it, and I use it occasionally at night. It is very healing, it is also great for bruises etc.
Connie Henrie

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Lemon cleansing Cream
1Tbsp beeswax
3Tbsp veg oil
1Tbsp witch hazel
1Tbsp lemon juice
1/8 tsp borax
6 drops lemon eo

Over low heat, gently melt beeswax in the veg oil. Beat for 5 minutes until mixture has a creamy, smooth consistency. In a separate pot gently warm witch hazel (I infuse lavender in the witch hazel, good for the skin) and lemon juice; stir in borax until dissolved and add to cream. Beat steadily. After the cream has cooled stir in the lemon eo. Then spoon into jars.

This is good for eliminating excess oil and smoothing wrinkles. Plus the lemon gives it antiseptic qualities. From Complete Book of Herbs
Contributed by Nina

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Bug Repellant Cream
1/4 cup pennyroyal-infused grapeseed oil
1/4 cup mineral oil
1 tspn coconut oil
2 Tbsp beeswax
1/8 tspn borax powder
1/4 cup distilled water
5 drops lemongrass EO
3 drops citronella EO
20 drops lavender EO
10 drops rosemary EO
10 drops eucalyptus EO
10 drops pine needle EO
20 drops cedarwood EO
Melt together pennyroyal-infused oil, beeswax and coconut oil. While wax is melting, put distilled water and borax in a pint jelly jar, and microwave for less than a minute, to dissolve borax. When beeswax is melted, pour oil/wax mixture into borax/water mixture, and stir to blend. Add all the EO's, then put the lid on the jelly jar and SHAKE vigorously. Shake, then check, until mixture starts to become a cream (it wont take long).
Makes 1 pint.
Jil Anne

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A General Cold Cream Recipe
Based on Recipes from Janice Cox
1/8 teaspoon borax powder
1/4 cup distilled water
1/2 cup oil of your choosing
2 Tablespoons grated beeswax

Here's where your creativity comes in. Add any herbs, spices, EO's, FO's or other ingredients you wish. You have to figure out the amounts and combinations to use making the recipe your very own concoction.

Dissolve the borax in the water and set aside.

Mix together the oil and beeswax in another container and heat over a medium heat until the beeswax is melted, stirring constantly.

When the wax is melted, bring the borax-water mixture almost to boiling and SLOWLY add the borax-water mixture to the oil-beeswax mixture, stirring briskly. It may also be blended in a blender.

As the mixture cools add your other ingredients.
The cream should thicken as it cools.
Linda Coffin

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Cold Cream 1
White wax 1/2 oz, put in small basin with 2 oz. of almond oil; when quite melted add 2 oz. of rosewater: this must be done very slowly, little by little, and as you pour it in, beat the mixture smartly with a fork to make the rosewater incorporate; when all this is incorporated the cold cream is complete.

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Cold Cream 2
1/4 C olive oil
1/4 C heavy mineral oil (those who don't want to use this find something else comparable)
1/4 C beeswax
1/2 tsp borax
1/4 C + 2Tbsp water
scent of your choice (i.e. 4 drops of essential oil)

Put beeswax and olive oil in double boiler and melt together until they are blended. Add mineral oil or mineral oil substitute. Combine water and borax in another pot and bring to low simmer (or same temp as other ingredients in double boiler. Add water mixture to oil/wax miture, beat with stick blender or whisk. Keep mixing until mixture is barely warm add scent. Pour cream into jar. Let sit overnight.
I think you can substitute more olive oil for the heavy mineral oil.

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Cold Cream 3
50 g almond oil, (I used sw. almond oil)
25 g beeswax (25 grams is equivalent to 1 ounce)
20 g rosewater
2 g borax

I melted the wax in almond oil, removed it from the top burner, (while this was melting, I added a very little bit of distilled water into borax so it could dissolve), instead of getting unsolved borax into the wax/oil, I strained it through a very fine filter, I added the borax/water VERY VERY SLOWLY and did the same with the rosewater, VERY SLOWLY... I then used 20 drops of bois du rose (rosewood) eo. It came out very beautifully, the consistency is somewhat like soy margarine, very nice.
From Aromatherapy for Beauty Hair and Skin Care by Erich Keller
Contributed by Linda Coffin

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Heavenly Body Cream
I set out to make Melody's dry skin lotion with the aloe vera gel added as someone on the list suggested. So I heated up my ingredients (had to double the recipe because I don't have a small enough sauce pan to heat 1/4 C water). Then I put my melted oil/beeswax into my blender and slowly added the water/borax solution. I blended for a little while then stopped to see what was going on. The stuff separated immediately. The top layer was oily greyish yellow with a viscous whitish layer on the bottom. Total yuch! I thought, 'oh, great, I've botched this one!'. I blended and blended on and off for about 1/2 hour. Finally I just let it sit to cool so I could add the aloe vera gel. I wasn't going to waste this stuff even though it looked yucky.

After about another 15-20 min of cooling I couldn't wait any longer. I am a very impatient person. So I turned on the blender and dumped in the aloe vera gel. BLAMMO!!!! No sooner did that cool aloe hit the warm mixture than it was suddenly cream. It became this wonderful slightly off white cream. Not as white as whipped cream but with similar consistency. WOW!!! Was I impressed! I had put a carnation fo in it and this stuff not only looks heavenly, it smells heavenly. I tried some on immediately and, although at first the feel was a little oily, it soon absorbed into my skin and now my skin feels nice and soft and moist-sortof. For someone with dry skin this stuff is going to be great. And it's so pretty. I never expected this result.

Of course, now I remember that someone posted that you had to blend periodically for quite a while until your blender started laboring. But no one mentioned this cream consistency. I was going to pour this into bottles. No way. This stuff needs jars.

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Jojoba/Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream
25 g jojoba oil
10 g beeswax
10 g cocoa butter
1 Tbsp vitamin E oil
50 g aloe vera
10 g glycerine
20-30 drops essential oils
yield: about 4 oz.

Heat jojoba, beeswax, cocoa butter, and vitamin E in a double boiler to 160 degees F. Mix aloe and glycerine in a second double boiler, also at 160 degrees. Then remove both mixtures from the stove and slowly drop the oil mixture into the aloe/glycerine mixture while stirring. Keep stirring until mixture cools to about 80 degrees F, then add essential oils and bottle.
Recipe courtesy of Erich Keller, 'Aromatherapy Handbook For Beauty, Hair, And Skin Care'
Jil Anne

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Native Blend Moisturizing Cream
I made some changes in the recipe due to what I had on hand - This is the recipe that I used

Grapeseed Oil - 275 g
Sweet Almond Oil - 75 g
Jojoba Oil - 35 g
Shea Butter - 15 g
Castor Oil - 15 g
Cocoa Butter - 15 g
Beeswax - 75 g
Vitamin E Oil - 10 g
Distilled Water - 413 g
Borax - 10 g
Glycerin - 15 g
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey FO 10 g.

Use 2 saucepans - one for the water mixture and one for the oil mixture. Heat both mixtures to around 165 degrees F making sure everything is melted and combined. Pour the oil mixture into a large mixing bowl. Mixing at the lowest speed, gradually add the water mixture. Continue beating on low until the mixture begins to thicken up. Increase the speed of the mixer and continue beating until the consistency of mayonnaise - about 10 to 15 minutes. Once the mixture is uniform and started to cool, add the fragrance oil and beat to incorporate. Beat on high for a few minutes.

When the cream is cold and smooth, pour into jars. This made ten 4 oz jars for me.
From The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch
Contributed by Jane

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Sage and Sweet Violet Cream
Put 2 Tbsp each of finely chopped fresh sage and sweet violet leaves, along with 4 Tbsp of almond oil, in a small stoppered jar. Seal and leave in a warm place for about a month, shaking the jar each day. When ready, strain into a bowl and add 4 Tbsp each of almond oil and beeswax which have been melted together. Beat to mix until cold. Store in an airtight jar in a cool place, and apply twice a day or as required.

This helps to alleviate cold sores and soothes and protects swollen, painful, or chapped lips.

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Olive Oil Shaving Cream
1/4 C stearic acid
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 C hot water
1 tsp borax
2 Tbsp grated soap (she calls for castille, I was going to substitute mine)

Melt stearic acid and oil in double boiler until a clear liquid forms. Mix hot water, borax, and soap and stir until until the borax and soap are dissolved. Pour the soap solution into a blender and blend well for about 1 minute. Slowly pour the melted stearic acid mixture into the soap solution. Blend on high until a smooth cream forms.

Pour into a clean container and allow to cool completely. To use, soften your beard (or legs) with warm water and then apply the shaving cream. Use a sharp, clean razor.
Janice Cox
Contributed by Barbara S. Cooke

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Summer Floral Cream
1/4 C Distilled water
1/2 tsp. Borax powder
3 T. Grated beeswax
1/2 C Mineral oil
1 tsp. Liquid lanolin
5 drops each, perfume oils: honeysuckle; carnation; mimosa
Boil the water and add the Borax powder, stirring until dissolved. Let this mixture simmer. In a separate heavy saucepan, add mineral oil, lanolin and beeswax, and place over low heat. Stir until the beeswax has dissolved. Pour the oil/beeswax mixture into a bowl and slowly drizzle the simmering water/borax mixture while stirring with a wire whisk. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes a thick, white cream and has cooled to room temperature, approximately 15 minutes. Stir in the perfume oils until well blended. Spoon into a bottle or jar.
This was taken from Country Crafts magazine, July/August 1997 issue.

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Stretch Mark Cream
1/4 C cocoa butter
1 Tablespoon wheat germ oil
1 teaspooon light sesame seed oil
1 teaspoon apricot kernel oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
2 teaspoons grated beeswax
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
Mix together all ingredients except the vanilla extract. Heat the mixture gently until the cocoa butter and beeswax have melted; stir well. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract, if desired. Allow to cool completely.
Store in a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid. Massage into your skin.
Janice Cox

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Tropical Cream
Tropical Cream 12 ounces spring water
2 ounces glycerin
1 ounce emulsifying wax
1/8 ounce Germaben II
2.5 ounce Mango Butter
3 ounces coconut oil
1/2 ounce stearic acid
1 teaspoon(more of less to personal preference) Guavaberry FO or other "tropical" scent

Combine all ingredients except fragrance oil in small pan. Heat while stirring until everything is melted. Remove from heat. Using a stick blender or whisk, blend until everything is emulsified. Add fragrance oil. The cream will be very thin at this time. Pour into clean jars. After the cream cools to room temperature, it will thicken up.
Enjoy using and experimenting with this recipe.
Jane 10/9/98

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Tropical Cream Variation
Add a little borax and Vitamin E oil. Stirr with a spoon until cool, add some vanilla EO and then pour it into a container. The next morning it will look just OK and will have turned a rosy brown color on the top. Stir it again and the water will immediately separat out. OK, Pour the water off and you are left with a wonderful, creamy lotion that is mauve in color. This is the best lotion that I have managed to make and it rivals in texture, feel and scent any of the commercial chemical concoctions found in the stores.
Lee Workman 10/11/98

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Gardeners/Excema Salve
8 oz petroleum jelly (one of those biggish jars) 1/4 cup (approx 4 oz) beeswax
1 tablespoon lanolin
10-15 drops lavendar oil

I know, it sounds greasy and nasty, but it really worked for William. Rub a little dab into the affected area right after a bath while the skin is still moist (but not wet) A freind has used this on his very serious psoriasis, and while it didn't make it go away, it was less itchy and dry.
Peggy Dodd 10/7/98

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